Summer 2010 Murray Group Trip

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Elisa and Sawyer are organizing a Murray-group summer trip.

Please let us know your preferences on the type of trip and the dates by Monday, April 12.


Dates: Richard's availability is for the following week-ends (Both possible trips involve leaving some time during the day on Friday, either morning or afternoon).

  • (14-16 May is now out)
  • 21-23 May
  • 4-6 June
  • 18-20 June


Option 1. Backpacking in San Gorgonio wilderness (with option of climbing to the top of San Gorgonio , Southern California's highest peak).

    • This will be a 2-night, 3-day backpacking trip. Don't worry if you haven't done this before. We'll make sure you have the right gear (we will rent from the Caltech Y) and we'll plan the hikes so that everyone can enjoy them.


Option 2. Camping near the ocean in Montana de Oro state park, near Morro bay (Central Coast): hiking , kayaking , surfing (including lessons from Sawyer if conditions are reasonable), and horseback riding on the beach.

    • This will be a more leisurely option with little mandatory hiking. We will do the various activities as excursions from our campsite.



  • Andrea Censi - Central Coast, any date
  • Dionysios Barmpoutis - San Gorgonio, 21-23 May only
  • Elisa Franco - any, any
  • Floris van Breugel - any, prefers June 19
  • Francisco Zabala - Central Coast, any date
  • Mumu Xu - Central Coast, June 19 only
  • Richard Murray - any, any
  • Sawyer Fuller - any, any
  • Shuo Han - Central Coast, June only
  • Tim Chung - interested, unknown travel schedule could have conflicts
  • Ufuk Topcu - Central Coast, June only
  • Vanessa Jonsson - any, any