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* Morro bay: [hiking http://www.trails.com/activity.aspx?area=15068], [kayaking http://www.kayakhorizons.com/] and [horseback-riding http://www.caladventures.com/jjriding.htm] on the beach.
* Morro bay: [http://www.trails.com/activity.aspx?area=15068 hiking ], [http://www.kayakhorizons.com/ kayaking ] and [http://www.caladventures.com/jjriding.htm horseback riding ] on the beach.
* San Gorgonio: hiking. [http://www.sgwa.org/trails2.htm More]
* San Gorgonio: hiking. [http://www.sgwa.org/trails2.htm More]

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Elisa and Sawyer are organizing a Murray-group summer trip.

Please let us know your preferences on the type of trip and the dates by April 10.


Dates: Richard's availability is for the following week-ends.

  • 15-16 May
  • 22-23 May
  • 4-5 June
  • 18-19 June