Summer 2007 Murray Group Trip

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The proposed group trip this summer is camping on Catalina Island or some other more local beach. Below is a list of possible dates for the trip, followed by some camping options that are available for each set of dates. If you are interested in attending, please add your name to the list below, listing after your name at least one of the trip options, in order of preference. Please indicate your interest by Friday, July 6!

Possible Trips

  1. August 22-24 (Wednesday - Friday) - Camping on Catalina at the Little Harbor Campsite
  2. August 24-26 (Friday - Sunday) - Camping on a "local" beach
  3. August 25-27 (Saturday - Monday) - Camping on a "local" beach

Camping Options

The following activities are available at the Little Harbor and "local" beach campsites: snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, surfing (plus lessons), scuba diving, and swimming. </P?>

Little Harbor, Catalina Island

(some random picture I found when I searched for "Little Harbor Catalina")

The following description has been copied from the Santa Catalina Island Company's website:

Rated "One of the Best Campgrounds in the West" by Sunset Magazine, Little Harbor Campground is perfect for campers who enjoy playing on the beach or in the water. Located about seven miles east of Two Harbors and 16 miles from Avalon, Little Harbor is a sandy, beachfront campground with lots of opportunities for recreation. Facilities and activities include BBQ and fire ring, showers, fresh water, chemical toilets, lockers, and kayak and snorkel gear rentals are available from Wet Spot Rentals daily.

The round-trip boat ride to Catalina is $50.50 and camping is $12/night/person. Gear rental and food is extra.

Local Beach

One option for the "local" beach is the San Onofre State Beach, south of Dana Point.

The following description was copied from the San Onofre State Beach website.

San Onofre State Beach features 3.5-miles of sandy beaches with six access trails cut into the bluff above. The campground is along Old Highway 101 adjacent to the sandstone bluffs. The beach is popular with swimmers and surfers. The park includes a marshy area where San Mateo Creek meets the shoreline and Trestles Beach, a well-known California surfing site. Whales, dolphins and sea lions can be seen offshore from time to time. The park’s coastal terrace is chaparral-covered. San Onofre includes San Onofre Surf Beach - a day use facility, San Mateo campground and day use facility, and a Nature Trail that starts at San Mateo Canyon and leads to San Mateo State Preserve/ Trestles Beach.

Interested People (order of preference)

  • Julia Braman (1, 2, 3)
  • Sawyer Fuller (1, 2, 3)
  • Richard Murray (1, 2, 3)
  • Mary Dunlop (1, 2, 3)
  • Elisa Franco (1,2,3)