Stanford Trip, 6-7 Apr 06

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The following people have sent e-mail saying they plan to attend:

  • Arlene Cole-Rhodes
  • Jean-Charles Delvenne
  • Michael Epstein
  • Zhipu Jin
  • Richard Murray
  • Henrik Sandberg
  • Ling Shi
  • Fei Wang

If your name isn't on this list, please send e-mail to Richard ASAP.

Travel to/from Stanford

We will need to be at Stanford by about 9 am on Thursday morning. There are two choices for getting there: leaving Wed night and staying in a hotel, or leaving on Thursday morning (very early) and driving straight to campus. Please edit one of the sections below and add your name to the appropriate list, so that we can make plan reservations:

Leaving Wednesday

  • Will leave Caltech around 6:30 pm, arriving at Stanford by 10 pm
  • Ling Shi

Leaving Thursday

  • Will leave Caltech at 6:00 am arriving at Stanford by 9 am
  • Richard Murray
  • Arlene Cole-Rhodes
  • Zhipu Jin


We'll share rooms when possible to save a bit of money. Please put your name down for one of the rooms below. Please try to share rooms with someone who is going the same day that you are.

  • Room 1: Richard (no roomate)
  • Room 2: Arlene (no roomate)
  • Room 3:
  • Room 4: