Spring 2009 Meeting Schedule

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Please sign up for a time to meet. Note that some meetings are for different lengths of time and different frequencies.

This schedule is now locked. Contact Richard directly if you need to schedule a time to meet.


1:30p   Open (short)
2:00p   Dionysios
5:00p   Javad
6:00p   Ufuk


1:30p   Pete
2:00p   Vanessa
5:00p   Nok
6:00p   Håkan


1:30p   Dom
2:00p   Julia
5:00p   Elisa
6:00p   Open


1:30p   Jing Yu
2:00p   Yizhar
4:30p   Odd: Sawyer
  Even: Francisco
6:00p   Aldo


2:00p   Ophelia
3:00p   Andrea
4:00p   Shuo
5:00p   Mumu