Southern California (Nonlinear) Control Workshop, 22 May 2009

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This workshop is intended as a forum for students and postdocs working in control systems in the Southern California area to present their research in an informal setting. If you would like to attend, please contact on of the organizers:

  • Caltech: Richard Murray
  • UCI: Ken Mease
  • UCLA: Paulo Tabuada
  • UCSB: Francesco Bullo
  • UCSD: Jorge Cortes
  • USC: Petros Ioannou
  • UCR: Jie Chen


8:15a   Coffee and pastries
8:45a   Session 1: Paulo Tabuada
  • Amir A. Emadzadeh (UCLA) - On Modeling and Pulse Phase Estimation of X-ray Pulsars
  • Erkut Aykutlug (UCI) - Multiple Timescale Structure in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Srideep Musuvathy (USC) - Chaos control via special euclidean extension
  • Anantha Karthikeyan (USC) - On the LQ feedback formulation of H∞ Output Feedback Control
10:15a   Break
10:30a   Session 2: Francesco Bullo
  • Nok Wongpiromsarn (Caltech) - Receding Horizon Temporal Logic Planning for Dynamical Systems
  • Stephen Smith (UCSB) - Pursuit of Translating Targets in Dynamic and Stochastic Environments
  • Yiqian Li (UCR) - Tracking Performance of Linear Systems over Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained Channels
12:00p   Speed talks - 1 PDF slide, 90 seconds each (sign up at workshop)
  • Majid Zamani (UCLA)
  • Hanqiao Gao (UCSD)
  • Elisa Franco (Caltech)
  • James Allington (UCI)
  • Håkan Terelius (Caltech/Lund)
12:15p   Lunch
1:15p   Session 3: Jorge Cortes
  • Bi Song (UCR) - Scene Analysis, Control and Communication in Distributed Camera Networks
  • Krister Jacobsson (Caltech) - Stability and Robustness Conditions using Frequency Dependent Half Planes
  • Federico S. Cattivelli (UCLA) - Diffusion Strategies for Distributed Kalman Filtering and Smoothing
  • Shujun Liu (UCSD) - Stochastic Averaging in Continuous Time and Its Applications to Extremum Seeking
3:15p   Break
3:30p   Session 4: Petros Ioannou
  • Yanina Landa (UCLA) - Discovering a point source in unknown environments
  • David Zhang (UCSD) - Hybrid Ensemble / Variational Algorithms for Data Assimilation and Adaptive Observation in Multiscale Uncertain Environmental Flow Systems
  • Jason T. Isaacs (UCSB) - Optimal TDOA Sensor Placement For Uncertain Source Locations
5:00p   Adjourn