SoCal NLC Carpool 2011-10-14

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Please enter information in the table below if you can give a ride or need a ride. If you can't edit the table, send e-mail to the driver (if you need a ride) or to Richard (if you can provide a ride).

Driving out to UCLA

Departure time Driver Passengers
8:00 am Kevin Shan 4 passengers:
  • Anandh
  • Seungil You
8:00 am Teja Sukhavasi 3 passengers:
  • Elisa Franco

Returning to Pasadena

Departure time Driver Passengers
5:30 pm Kevin Shan 4 passengers
  • Anandh
  • Seungil You
5:30 pm Teja Sukhavasi 3 passengers
  • Elisa