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The calendar below show's Richard Murray's public schedule. This schedule includes most of my travel and work-related meetings, but some personal information is not listed here ⇒ please check with me to confirm my availability.

How to schedule an appointment with me:

  • Use the calendar below to find some times when I am available. It works best if you select the "week" view.
  • For research meetings, any time that is marked as "Free" is set aside for research => OK to list those times in addition to open times.
  • Times that are marked as "Tentative" might have something scheduled in that slot => OK to list is nothing else works.
  • Please send me 2-3 times that work for you, since I often have multiple people setting up meetings at the same time.

{{#widget:Google Calendar | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=408000 | |color=808080 |title=Richard Murray's schedule |mode="WEEK" }}

If no calendar appears above, try this link.