SURF discussions, Jan 2013

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Slots for talking with applicants and co-mentors about SURF projects. Please sign up for one of the slots below. All times are PST.

28 Jan (Mon)

  • 9:00: Anu/ Monica
  • 9:20: Andrew + Enoch
  • 9:40: James + Eric

30 Jan (Wed)

  • 14:00: Jongmin + Juan
  • 14:20: Open
  • 14:40: Emzo + Aurelija

31 Jan (Thu)

  • 10:30: Livingston and Zheng
  • 10:50: Open
  • 11:10: Marcella + Mattias

The agenda for the phone call is (roughly):

  1. Description of the basic idea behind the project (based on applicant's understanding)
  2. Discussion about approaches, things to read, variations to consider, etc
  3. Discussion of the format of the proposal
  4. Questions and discussion about the process