SURF 2015: Design space exploration of the violacein pathway in TX-TL

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  • Mentor: Richard Murray
  • Co-mentor: Shaobin Guo and Yong Wu
Figure 1. Violacein Pathway (Balibar, 2006).

Project Description

Violacein is a water-insoluble violet pigment that naturally exists in a few bacteria (Jiang, 2010 & Pantanella, 2007). Violacein has the potential applications in antibacterial, anti-trypanocidal, anti-ulcerogenic, and anticancer drugs (Balibar, 2006). The pathway to produce violacein from tryptophan consists of five enzymes vioA-E (Hoshino, 2011). The pathway is NADPH dependent and consumes oxygen. The various enzymes involved in the pathway could also lead to the production of a few colorful byproducts, which might interfere with fluorescence signals when plate reader is used. The goal of the project is to characterize the violacein pathway using cell-free transcription and translational (TX-TL) system (Sun, 2013). Student will take advantage of the TX-TL system to explore ways to improve violacein production.


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