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This page is intended for students working on SURF projects in the Summer of 2011. Mainly for meet to keep track of everything that is going on.


Student Mini-group Co-mentor(s) Project Comments
Chandrasekhar, Arjun Biocircuits (Emzo) Simulac
Chinchali, Sandeep Robotics Scott LTL grasping
Håkansson, Magnus Robotics Andrea Bootstrapping
Khetarpal, Ishan Biocircuits Jongmin Event detector
Lin, Yuchen NCS Necmiye, Scott TuLiP user interface
Nguyen, Paul Biocircuits Joe sRNA delay circuits
Nilsson, Peter NCS Necmiye, Ufuk TuLiP abstraction algorithms
Sapatnekar, Keshav Biocircuits Emzo Scaffold protein sensor
Tsuei, Stephanie Robotics Necmiye Distributed camera network
Zemlianova, Klavdia Robotics (Sawyer) Multi-modal insect flight control 20 Jun start
  • iGEM: Brown, Julia; Cheng, Puikei; Shelton, Amanda; Thadani, Nicole
  • Solar Decathlon: Jones, Sam; Lu, David; Suen, Ka

Meetings on 20-21 June

I'd like to have a 30 minute meeting with all summer undergraduates on either 20 or 21 June to kick off the summer (I am out of town the week of 13 June, when many of you start). This meeting should be with me and (one of) you co-mentor(s). Please check with the appropriate co-mentor before signing up, to make sure they can also make that time.

20 June 2011 (Mon)

11:30a   Stephanie and Necmiye
12:00p   Magnus and Andrea
4:30p   Ishan and Jongmin
5:00p   Keshav and Emzo
5:30p   Paul and Joe
6:00p   Open
6:30p   Open

21 June 2011 (Tue)

11:00a   Open
11:30a   Open

Original project descriptions

This section contains a list of project areas where I will be supervising projects this year. (OBSOLETE:) Students interested in writing proposals for SURF projects should contact me via e-mail to discuss what areas they are interested in and talk through possible SURF proposal topics. All applications should go through the normal SURF application process, described at

Title Grant/Project Co-Mentors Comments
Synthetic biology in a cell-free expression system MPP Jongmin Kim
Design of Biomolecular Circuits Using Programmable Protein Scaffolds ICB Emzo de los Santos
Effects of Topology on DNA Transcription ICB Joseph T. Meyerowitz
Receding Horizon Temporal Logic Planning Toolbox MuSyC Ufuk Topcu
Implementation of Control Protocols for Camera Networks MuSyC Necmiye Ozay