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Quick Start Manual for the Roboflag SW:

For the Windows machines:

  • Get the latest version. So far we can use the programs located in one of the SURF Windows machine, in "E:/Jine oboflag/Roboflag04work/roboflag/Runtime".
  • Before running any program, you must make sure that the configure files are correct.
    • "Connectioin Parameters.txt": IP of Real_world_host should be (if running the simulator on the same machine) or the IP of the linux machine on which the MVServer is running.
    • "Trajectory Configure.txt": The most important thing is the number of the algorithm. For Steelebots, it should be 0~3 (default is 3). For Kellys or Bats, it should be 4.
    • "ObjectParameters.txt": all the data are set to default values.
  • Running the files in sequence:
    • RoboflagConfigurator.bat,
    • startNetwork.bat(need to make sure the IP of the different team machine is correct),
    • Setup.bat(The first line is for simulator, the second line is for MVServer. You need to comment one of them and also start MVServe before run this bat file),
    • LaunchTeamOne.bat(LaunchTeamTwo.bat).

For the Linux machines:

  • Go the directory "/home/zhipu/MVWTII/MVServer", run "./MVServer".

For more details, please contact Michael Victor Yeh at