Raff D'Andrea, 12 October 2010

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Raff D'Andrea from ETH will be visiting Caltech on 12 October 2010 (Tue). Please sign up for a time to meet with him below.


Tuesday (12 Oct 2010):

8:45a   Hold: John Doyle
9:30a   Hold: John Doyle
10:15a   Hold: John Doyle
11:00a   Floris
12:00p   IST Lunch Bunch, Annenberg
1:30p   Ufuk
2:15p   Nader
3:00p   Discussions/lab tours w/ RMM students: meet in Steele library
  • Robotics lab: Shuo Han and Andrea Censi
  • Insect flight: Sawyer Fuller and Francisco Zabala
  • Biocircuits: Ophelia Venturelli and Elisa Franco
  • MuSyC: Necmiye Ozay and Mumu Xu
4:15p   Hold: Ben Recht

Talk Abstract

Some Applications of Distributed Estimation and Control

Raff D'Andrea, ETHZ

In this talk I will discuss several applications of distributed estimation and control: Kiva Systems, a company that uses hundreds of mobile robots to move inventory in distribution facilities; the Balancing Cube, a structure that can balance on any one of its edges or corners using six rotating mechanisms on the cube's inner faces; the Distributed Flight Array, a flying platform consisting of multiple autonomous single propeller vehicles that are able to drive, dock with their peers, and fly in a coordinated fashion; the Flying Machine Arena, a research-driven airspace where vehicles teach themselves -- and each other -- how to fly.

Raffaello D'Andrea is Professor of Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich and Technical Co-Founder of Kiva Systems, a company that develops adaptive and self-configuring warehouse automation systems using hundreds of networked, mobile robots. Also a creator of dynamic sculpture, he has shown his work at international venues including the Venice Biennale, the Luminato Festival, Ars Electronica, and ideaCity; two of his pieces are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada.