Paul Houpt, Feb 2009

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This page contains a schedule for Paul Houpt, who will be visiting Caltech on 4-5 Feb

4 Feb (Wed)

10:00a   Ufuk Topcu, 114 Steele (CDS library)
10:45a   Seminar prep
11:00a   Seminar (TBD)
12:00p   Lunch: Ufuk, ...
1:30p   Andreas Krause
2:15p   Mani Chandy
3:00p   Nok
3:45p   Julia Braman
4:30p   John Doyle

5 Feb (Thu)

9:00a   Open
9:45a   Open
10:30a   Open
11:15a   Open
12:00p   Depart