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{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda item|10:30a|Javad Lavaei}}
{{agenda item|10:30a|Javad Lavaei (meet in Steele library)}}
{{agenda item|11:15a|Open}}
{{agenda item|11:15a|Andy (meet in Steele library)}}
{{agenda item|12:00p|Lunch with Richard and John}}
{{agenda item|12:00p|Lunch with Richard and John}}
{{agenda item|1:30p|Open}}
{{agenda item|1:30p|Houman (Firestone 302)}}
{{agenda item|2:15p|Open}}
{{agenda item|2:15p|Elisa Franco (pick up in Firestone)}}
{{agenda item|3:00p|Dennice Gayme}}
{{agenda item|3:00p|Dennice Gayme (meet in Steele library)}}
{{agenda item|4:00p|ACM seminar}}
{{agenda item|4:00p|ACM seminar}}
{{agenda end}}
{{agenda end}}

Latest revision as of 03:35, 25 October 2010

Pablo Parrilo will be visiting Caltech on 25 Oct 2010 (Mon). Sign up for a time to meet with him below.

10:30a   Javad Lavaei (meet in Steele library)
11:15a   Andy (meet in Steele library)
12:00p   Lunch with Richard and John
1:30p   Houman (Firestone 302)
2:15p   Elisa Franco (pick up in Firestone)
3:00p   Dennice Gayme (meet in Steele library)
4:00p   ACM seminar