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==== 20 Oct (Tue) afternoon ====
==== 20 Oct (Tue) afternoon ====
{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda item|1:30p|Open}}
{{agenda item|1:30p|Mumu}}
{{agenda item|2:15p|Open}}
{{agenda item|2:15p|Open}}
{{agenda item|3:00p|ME reception}}
{{agenda item|3:00p|ME reception}}

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The list below has times that I am available to meet on 19-20 Oct. Please pick a time that works and fill in your name. If none of the times work, send me e-mail (or find someone else who has a slot that does work and see if you can switch).

This page is now locked. Please contact Richard directly if you need to set up a time to meet (or shift the time you signed up for).

19 Oct (Mon) afternoon

1:00p   Pete
1:45p   Open
2:30p   Vanessa
3:15p   Javad and Somayeh

20 Oct (Tue) morning

9:00a   Anissa
9:45a   Ophelia
10:30a   Elisa
11:15a   Hold; Keck lab

20 Oct (Tue) afternoon

1:30p   Mumu
2:15p   Open
3:00p   ME reception
3:30p   Open
4:15p   Nok
5:00p   cisco
5:45p   Ufuk