MVWT Vision System

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The MVWT Vision System operates the four cameras on the ceiling over the testbed and determines the position and orientation of all the robots with hats on the testbed. The vision system will not recognize robots without hats and will not recognize hats that are not near its focus level, which is about 20 cm above the raised floor.

The routine that should be running on the vision system computers (north end of the lab) is called vision_static.

Data Structure

A copy of the following data structure is produced by the vision system for each robot. This is found in MVWT1VisionPacket.h.

typedef struct
    double timestamp;
	double x;
	double y;
	double theta;
	double xdot;
	double ydot;
	double thetadot;
    } vehicle[NUM_VEHICLES];
} VisionPacket;