MVWT Meeting 2004-07-01

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Weekly Project Meeting, 1 Jul 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Review timeline and upcoming activities
  • Review team activities, using status charts
  • Preliminary discussion of vehicle software/control architecture


  1. Review goals and agenda; select notetaker
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Team updates: vehicle, positioning, C2
    • 5 minute presentation, 5 minute discussion
    • Use status charts for each team
  4. Review of bugzilla blocker and critical items
  5. Vehicle architecture discussion

Additional Information


  • [[1]] Positioning Team Block Diagram 7/1/04
  • [[2]] Positioning Team RFID Feasibility 7/1/04

Notes from Meeting

-The Vehicle Chart needs to be changed: change the Steele Bots onboard software to yellow and make the colors more visible.

-The C2 team needs to change their block chart to make it more object oriented and add block arrows at interfaces and assign them colors. They also need to assign names to each block and make sure that someone is responsible for each element.

-The RFID doesn't give velocities, anyone who's project cannot accomodate this needs to discuss this with demetri as soon as possible.

-The vehicle team should exam the vehicle architecture chart for the kelly two and bring similar charts for a common architecture for the vehicles to next weeks meeting.