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  • Design, implement and document a common MVWT infrastructure that supports 2004 SURF projects
  • Expand the MVWT facility to include rooftop operation

Technical Challenges

  • Dropped packets in vision system, with little documentation of current configuration
  • Heterogeneous platforms with custo-mized, legacy software solutions
  • No identified solution for rooftop positioning system
  • No dedicated MVWT II team


  • Common software architecture that supports code reuse between hetero-geneous MVWT vehicles
  • Command and control infrastructure for controlling vehicles, logging data, visualizing system state; compatible with RoboFlag software
  • 12 vehicle capability in 12 Steele, with robust vision-based positioning
  • 24 vehicle capability on Steele roof, with 10 cm accurate positioning


  • Team-oriented organization to work on common infrastructure needs
  • Use CS/EE/ME 75 project mgmt toolset
  • Early identification of common architecture, so that tools will fit together
  • Midterm design review and AFOSR demonstration to drive timeline