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This page contains information about the 2011 NSF Science and Technology Center program:

Key Links


  • 11 April 2011 - informational webcast (time TBD)
  • 30 May 2011 - preliminary proposals
  • 30 Oct 2011 - invited list announced and declines informed
  • 3 Feb 2012 - invited full proposals
  • 1 Jun 2012 - notification of invitation for site visit, and declined PIs informed
  • Sep-Oct 2012 - site visits
  • Mar 2013 - declines informed and recommended awards announced
  • Mar-Jun 2013 - development of Center strategic plans and cooperative agreements
  • 1 Jun 2013 - anticipated start date of awards

Preliminary Proposal


The preliminary proposal should consist of the following elements:

  1. Cover Sheet. For planning purposes June 1, 2013 should be shown as the start date. The proposed Center Director must be shown as the Principal Investigator.
  2. Project Summary. (1 page maximum) Provide an overview of the proposed STC, addressing separately the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the Center. The summary should be written in the third person, informative to those working in the same or related field(s), and understandable to a scientifically or technically literate reader.
  3. Table of Contents. A Table of Contents is automatically generated for the proposal by the FastLane system. The proposer cannot edit this form.
  4. Project Description (8-pages maximum). The Project Description should articulate a vision for the proposed center that clearly outlines the grand challenges being addressed or breakthroughs being sought. The proposed research should be sufficiently complex, large-scale, and long-term to justify a center and flexible enough to permit change as the research proceeds. The proposed approaches must be innovative, and it must be clear how they will transform or significantly impact the research area. The Project Description must describe how the integration of research, education, and knowledge transfer in a center-level activity will advance the proposed research in a way that other funding mechanisms cannot. A justification for the focus of the education programs and activities should be included and described in the context of current knowledge of teaching and learning. Include a description of the team members and why each is essential to the project plan (must not be more than 2 pages). In addition to an outline of research themes, some illustrative examples of specific research directions with sufficient detail to be evaluated by reviewers should be included. Results from Prior NSF Support should not be included. Links to URLs may not be used.
  5. References Cited (2-page limit). See NSF GPG instructions.
  6. Biographical Sketches (2-page limit per person). Biographical Sketches are required for the Center Director and other key personnel. See GPG for details.
  7. Supplementary Documents: (to be entered in the Supplementary Documents section of Fastlane). A list of Partner Institutions and Project Personnel is required. This information provides NSF and reviewers with a comprehensive list of personnel and institutions involved in the STC.
  8. List all project personnel who have a role in the management, research, education, and knowledge transfer components of the Center. Use the following format:
    • Project Personnel:
      • last name, first name, institution/organization
    • Additionally, provide a separate list of all institutions and organizations for which there are corresponding project personnel organized into the following categories: Academic institutions, National Laboratories, Federal Government, Industry, Non-Governmental Organizations State and Local Government, and International institutions.

No other items or appendices are to be included. Information pertaining to "Current and Pending Support", and "Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources" is not required for preliminary proposals and should not be included. Preliminary proposals containing items other than those required above will be returned without review.