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|Gerry Salinas, Janet Chen
|Gerry Salinas, Janet Chen, Suzanna Piatt

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Things to Do

As an individual:

  • Sign up for an account on the lab server via this link

As a group (2-3 people):

  • Sign up for a time slot for the lab session by modifying this wiki page. You need to first log in by clicking the link at the upper right corner of this page and enter your Caltech IMSS account/password. Remember to fill in everyone's name in your group.

Schedule for Lab Session

10 Feb 2011 (Thu)
Time Names
1-1:30pm Open
2-2:30pm Open
3-3:30pm Hank Lin, Alex Wang, Wenqi Yao
4-4:30pm Open
5-5:30pm Thomas Werne
11 Feb 2011 (Fri)
Time Names
1-1:30pm Calvin Kuo, Eric Cho
2-2:30pm Gerry Salinas, Janet Chen, Suzanna Piatt
3-3:30pm Albert Ho, Tom Allen, Melissa Tanner
4-4:30pm Thimal de Alwis, Kent Koyanagi, Stephany Lai
5-5:30pm Colin Ely, Christine Fuller, Stephanie Tsuei

RPIN Assignment

Note to students: Do NOT edit this section.

RPIN Assignment RPIN Assignment
Port Number Name Port Number Name
6665 <DEFAULT> 6666