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* Andrea Censi, Shuo Han
* Andrea Censi, Shuo Han
* Office hours: TBD
* Office hours: TBD
'''Course Mailing List''': ([ sign up], Caltech email address only)
'''Course Mailing List''': ([ sign up], Caltech email address only)

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  • Larry Matthies (coordinator),
  • TBA
  • Lectures: Tue/Thu, 2:30-4 pm, 306 TOM
  • Office hours: Tue/Thu, 4-5 pm, 303 TOM

Teaching Assistants (

  • Andrea Censi, Shuo Han
  • Office hours: TBD

Course Mailing List: (sign up, Caltech email address only)


There are currently no announcements.

Course Information


The formal prerequisites for the course are ME 115 ab (Introduction to Kinematics and Robotics). Students are expected to have basic understanding of linear algebra, probability and statistics. We will review some of the required background materials during the first week of lectures. Besides these, students should have some prior programming experience and know at least one of the following languages: C, Python, or MATLAB. Depending on the background of the class, we will hold tutorials for some of the programming languages to help students get started.


There are no midterm/final exams for this course. The grade will be based on weekly homework (60%) and two week-long labs (20% each). Late homework will not be accepted without a letter from the health center or the Dean. However, you are granted a grace period of five late days throughout the entire term for weekly homework. Please indicate the number of late days you have used on the homework. No grace period is allowed for week-long labs.

  • Homework: Homework is usually due one week later after it is assigned. You can choose to turn it in by putting a hard copy at Shuo Han's mailbox at Steele or sending an electronic copy to Andrea Censi (
  • Labs: Students will form groups of 2-3 people and perform lab experiments together. Detail of this will be announced later in the course.

Collaboration Policy

Students are encouraged to discuss and collaborate with others on the homework. However, you should write your own solution to show your own understanding of the material. You should not copy other people's solution or code as part of your solution. You are allowed to consult the instructors, the TAs, and/or other students. Outside reference materials can be used except for solutions from prior years or similar courses taught at other universities. Outside materials must be cited if used.

Course Texts


Course Schedule