Liren Yang, 5-6 Feb 2020

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Liren Yang is a PhD student at U. Michigan who has recently defended his thesis on correct-by-construction fault-tolerant control synthesis. He will visit Caltech on 5-6 Feb. Sign up here if you would lik to meet with him (use your Caltech credentials).


5 Feb (Wed)

  • 2:00p: NCS group meeting
  • 3:00p: CDS tea
  • 3:30p: Chuchu
  • 4:15p: Karena
  • 5:00p: Informal seminar - 121 Annenberg
  • 6:00p: Dinner with Richard + students (add your name here if you want to go): Apurva

6 Feb (Thu)

  • 9:15a: Richard Murray, 109 Steele Lab
  • 10:00a: Apurva, Pick up from Richard’s office. Meeting location: CDS Library
  • 10:45a: Yuxiao
  • 11:30a: Open
  • 12:15p: done for the day