ICyPhy Webex Feb 4 2012

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Possible directions for future work:

  1. Continuous-time synthesis
  2. Modelica like component models
  3. Identify parts of the design process where logic has to be designed by hand (so that we can try out synthesis).
  4. Sensor placement/sensor logic
  5. A unified language to capture multiple views (contract like specs in this language)
  6. Possible ways to integrate EPS domain specific language and LTL spec generator to other design tools (what that language can/should capture to be useful?)
  7. More interesting distributed control architectures:
    1. allowing controllers to share contactors
    2. allowing decisions to be made by voting
    3. mapping sensing and control points to controllers
    4. automatically finding local contracts for controllers
    5. automatically explore distributed control architectures using contracts and possibly different specialized analysis and synthesis frameworks

Corresponding iCyPhy wiki page (limited access)

Richard's MuSyC project page