HYCON-EECI, Spring 2008

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Eecilogo.png Networked Control Systems Cdslogo.png
Spring 2006

Increases in fast and inexpensive computing and communications have enabled a new generation information-rich control systems that rely on multi-threaded networked execution, distributed optimization, adaptation and learning, and contingency management in increasingly sophisticated ways. This set of lectures will provide an introduction to the theory and tools for building such systems, focusing on the so-called “networked” control systems in which the components that form the system are connected through a communication network. These lectures were developed as part of a course at Caltech on “Networked Control Systems”, first offered in Spring 2006.

Course Schedule

1. Networked embedded systems programming 2. Real-time trajectory generation and receding horizon control 3. Moving horizon estimation and sensor fusion 4. Packet-based estimation and control 5. Distributed estimation and control 6. Cooperative control of multi-agent systems

Applications: 1. Autonomous driving (based on DARPA Grand Challenge) 2. Cooperative control of unmanned aerial vehicles