Gabor Orosz, Feb 2012

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Gabor Orosz, an Assistant Professor at U. Michigan, will be visiting Caltech on 21-22 Feb (Tue-Wed).


21 Feb (Tue)

~10:00a   Marcella Gomez, meet in Steele library
11:00p   Seminar: Marta Kwiatkowska
12:00p   Lunchtime seminar: Gabor Orosz
1:00p   Richard and Marcella (109 Steele)
2:00p   Open
3:00p   Biocircuits subgroup
5:00p   Paul Nguyen

22 Feb (Wed)

9:30a   Open
10:15a   Open
11:00p   Seminar: Marta Kwiatkowska
12:00p   Lunch
1:30p   Necmiye
2:15p   Marcella
3:00p   CDS tea, Annenberg Loung
3:45p   Open
4:30p   Jun Liu