Flydra Localization System

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Flydra Localization System

Flydra system developed by Andrew Straw and Michael Dickinson



  • Cameras: Basler Ace
    • User Manual (pdf)
    • Quick Install Guide (pdf)
    • Driver information (pdf)
  • Lenses:
  • Trigger box:
  • Computing:
  • Cabling:
    • Network cables: Cat.-6 gigabit ethernet cables
    • Camera trigger cables: RG-58 Co-Axial with BNC connector
  • Mounts:
    • Combination of Powerstrut PS200 and PS500 channel and connectors. A (seemingly compatible) alternative is the Unistrut system.


  • Pose estimation (SoftPOSIT)
    • Prerequisites: Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), GCC (incl. gcc, gfortran)
    • Installation instructions:
    • C API available (through mix compilation with Fortran)
    • Python API potentially available (using f2py)
    • TODO (?): integration with ROS
    • Question: Is this what we need?


Format: Task, person (estimated completion date)

  • Install mounts for cameras, Noel (12/2/10)
  • Mount cables, Noel (12/2/10)
  • Install camera trigger
  • Install Ubuntu on cPCI, Scott (?)
  • Install flydra software, Scott & Floris (?)
  • Calibrate
  • Test
  • Multi-point tracking, Shuo (?)
  • Document setup and operation , all