Fall 2008 Meeting Schedule

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Sign up for a time to meet. Note that different slots are for different amounts of time. Here are some guides:

  • 30 minute slot - weekly meeting; good if you are busy with mainly classes
  • 60 minute slot - standard weekly meeting
  • 90 minute slot - biweekly meeting. Pick even or odd weeks (week of 29 Sep = odd)


4:30p   Yizhar
5:30p   Open
6:30p   Andrea


1:30p   Julia
2:30p   Open (short)
3:00p   Odd: Open
  Even: Open
6:00p   Odd: Francisco
  Even: Open


4:30p   Shuo
5:30p   Ufuk
6:30p   Elisa


3:30p   Open (short)
4:00p   Odd: Sawyer
  Even: Open
5:30p   Open
6:30p   Open


3:00p   Open
4:00p   Open
5:00p   Open