EECI08: Trajectory Generation and Differential Flatness

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In this lecture we provide an overview of trajectory generation and tracking for nonlinear control systems. Using the concept of differential flatness, we show how to convert the trajectory generation problem from one in optimal control to one of optimization. Efficient numerical methods can then be used to find trajectories that satify the system dynamics and constraints, as well as minimizing a cost function.

Lecture Materials


Additional Resources

  • Real-Time Optimal Trajectory Generation for Constrained Dynamical Systems, M. Milam. PhD Thesis, 2003.

  • NTG software, version 2.2a, 2002. This is the last publically released version of NTG. The documentation is a bit sparse, but the examples are heavily commented.

  • Optragen, version 1.0, 2006. This is a new MATLAB toolbox for optimal trajectory generation written by Raktim Bhattacharya, a former postdoc at Caltech. This version does not run in real-time, but has a much more user-friendly interface than NTG.