Domitilla Del Vecchio, June 2008

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Domitilla Del Vecchio will be visiting Caltech on 9 June (Mon). She has a few empty slots in her schedule:

Monday, 9 June

  • 7a-10a: Richard
  • 10a-11a: Pietro Perona's group
  • 11a-12p: Seminar
  • 12p-2p: Richard
  • 2p-2:45p: Josh Michener
  • 2:45p-3:30p: Mary Dunlop (though Mary would prefer 4:15-5 if that slot opens up)
  • 3:30p-4:15p: Ophelia
  • 4:15p-5:00p: Richard (tentative; replace if other slots are full)
  • 5:00p-7:00p: Richard