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Caltech Project Management Toolset (CPMT) Status Chart

Updated: 19 Jun 04

CPMT Status 2004-06-19.jpg

Design Specification

Don't currently have any formal way of specifying system requirements or propogating them through the design. Need to think through how requirements will be specified at both project and team level.


  • GOTChA chart: requirements should be reflected in objectives
  • Design reviews: reviews should demonstrate requirements are met

Project/Team Meetings

We have a pretty good template in place for these: goals, agenda, notetaker. Need to create a document for proper meeting practices.


  • GOTChA charts: Meetings should start and end with GOTChA charts
  • Status charts: Meeting status updates should use status chart to organize discussion
  • Bugzilla: Meetings should review blocker items in bugzilla and new actions should be recorded in bugzila

GOTChA Chart

Need to copy over GOTChA chart info from TeamCaltech wiki.


  • Design Specification: objectives should reflect level 1 specifications
  • Status Chart: approach should correspond to status chart
  • Timeline Chart: objectives/approach should be reflected on timeline chart
  • Design Reviews: GOTChA charts for the basis for design review presentations

Status Chart

Need to write a description for what a status chart is and how to use it.


  • GOTChA chart: approach should be reflected on this chart
  • Timeline chart: status should be relative to timeline (milestones)
  • Bugzilla task lists: subsystem blocks should be represented as components in bugzilla.
  • Project/team meetings: status chart should be used in team meetings to guide discussion of current status

Timeline Chart

Need to create description of timeline chart. Should link to project meetings.


  • GOTChA chart: approach should be reflected in timeline
  • Project/team meetings: missing
  • Status chart: status should be reflected in timeline; arrow may be one way?

Design Reviews


Bugzilla Task Lists

Wiki Documentation