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This page collects some notes on a control systems library for Python. The plan is to create an alternative to the MATLAB Control System Toolbox™ that can be used in courses and for research. This page collects information about the toolbox, in preparation for actually writing some code. If you stumble across this page and know of a similar package or would like to contribute, let me know.

Architecture notes

Installation instructions

I'm using the IPython environment, with the the matplotlib extensions (which enables MATLAB-like plotting). I am doing all of my playing on OS X, using fink.

Here's what I had to do to get the basic setup that I am using.

  1. Install SciPy - I did this using fink. Have to use the main/unstable tree.
  2. Install matplotlib - Need this for plotting
  3. Install ipython - interactive python interface

Small snipped of code for testing if everything is installed

import from scipy *
import from matlibplot *
a = zeros(1000)
b = fft(a)

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