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CDS 110b: Introduction to Control Theory


  • John Doyle,
  • Lectures: Tu/Th, 2:30-4 314 ANB
  • Office hours: TBD (please e-mail to schedule)

Teaching Assistants

  • Vanessa Jonsson
  • Contact:
  • Office hours: TH, 4-5 pm, Ann 213, and upon request

Course Description

Introduction to modern feedback control theory with emphasis on the role of feedback in overall system analysis and design. Examples drawn from throughout engineering and science. Open versus closed loop control. State-space methods, time and frequency domain, stability and stabilization, realization theory. Time-varying and nonlinear models. Uncertainty and robustness.


  • 2 Apr 2014: web page creation

Tentative Lecture Schedule

Week Date Topic Reading Homework Talks
1 1 Apr
3 Apr
Course overview, Norms for signals and systems DFT Ch 1, 2 
DP Ch 3
<! -- HW 1 -->
2 8 Apr
10 Apr
Norms for signals and systems <! --HW 2 -->
3 15 Apr
17 Apr
Hinf DFT Ch 4
(FBS 12.1‑12.3)
HW 3
4 22 Apr
24 Apr
  • Fundamental limits
  • Realization theory, controllability, observability
DFT Ch 6
(FBS 11.4, 12.4),
DP Ch 2, 4
HW 4
5 29 Apr
1 May
  • Lyapunov equation and stability conditions
  • LMIs
DP Ch 4
LMIs Ch 2
HW 5
6 6 May
8 May
  • KYP lemma
  • Model reduction
DP Ch 4,7
HW 6
7 13 May
15 May
  • Uncertain systems
  • MIMO robust control, Convex optimization
DP Ch 8
HW 7
8 20 May
22 May
  • Stability of nonlinear systems
  • Sum-of-squares
FBS Ch 4
HW 8
  • IPAM: robust optimization

Course Text and References

The main course text is

You may find the following texts useful as well:

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