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This page contains information on how to get to Caltech and the location of various buildings on campus.

  • Richard Murray's office: 109 Steele Laboratory
  • Steele (CDS) library: 114 Steele

Directions to Steele building below.

Getting to Caltech

LAX to Pasadena

Take Sepulveda Blvd. to the Glen Anderson Fwy (105) east to the Harbor Fwy (110) north to the Pasadena Fwy, which becomes the Arroyo Parkway. Take the Arroyo Parkway straight ahead (north); turn right (east) on Del Mar Blvd. Turn right onto Holliston and park in the lot. Parking permits are available on the third level (follow the signs).

Burbank airport to Pasadena

Take the Golden State Fwy (Interstate 5) south to the Ventura Fwy (134) east to the Foothill Fwy (210) east. Exit Hill Avenue; turn right (south) onto Hill. Take Hill south to Del Mar Blvd.; turn right (west) onto Del Mar. Turn left onto Holliston (first street) and park in the lot. Parking permits are available on the third level (follow the signs).

The map below shows the loation of Caltech. The zoom buttons can be used to adjust the view.
<googlemap lat="34.14" lon="-118.128" zoom="12" type="normal"> 34.1385,-118.1242,Caltech </googlemap>

Campus Map

The map below shows a closer view of the Caltech campus. Two locations are marked:

  • Steele laboratory: my office is on the first floor, room 109
  • The Holliston parking lot (best place to park your car)

If you click on the map "pins", you can see which one is which.

If you like you can also get a printed map of the campus:

<googlemap lat="34.1385" lon="-118.125" zoom="17" type="hybrid"> 34.1385,-118.1242,Steele Laboratory 34.1393,-118.1224,Holiston parking lot </googlemap>

Local Hotels

Lodging near Caltech:

130 South Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, California
(800) 445-8667, (626) 577-1000

191 N. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena, California
(888) 625-5144, (626) 792-2727

180 North Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, California
(626) 403-7600

1633 E. Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California
(800) 793-SAGA, (626) 795 0431

The map below (from Google) shows the locations of the hotels relative to Caltech:
<googlemap lat="34.14" lon="-118.128" zoom="14" type="normal"> 34.1385,-118.1242,Steele Laboratory 34.1425,-118.1412,Hilton Hotel, Pasadena
130 South Los Robles Avenue
(800) 445-8667 34.1463,-118.1153,Saga Motor Hotel
1633 E. Colorado Boulevard
(800) 793-SAGA 34.1480,-118.1418,Westin Hotel
191 N. Los Robles Ave.
(888) 625-5144 34.1480,-118.15,Marriott Courtyard
180 North Fair Oaks Avenue
(626) 403-7600