CS 142, Fall 2017

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CS 142 - Distributed Computing


  • Mani Chandy (CS)
  • Richard Murray (CDS/BE)
  • Lectures: MW, 2p-3p, 105 Annenberg
  • Office hours: by appointment

Teaching Assistants

  • Navid Azizan-Ruhi
  • Sumanth Dathathri
  • Linqi (Daniel) Guo
  • Yoke Peng Leong

Course Description

Fundamental concepts for the design and analysis of distributed systems and algorithms, including reasoning about distributed programs, handling the lack of global time and global state, achieving distributed consensus in the presence of faults and asynchrony, and designing fault-tolerance for distributed systems. Review of state-of-the-art distributed systems, particularly cloud computing systems. Instructor: Murray/Chandy.

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