CS-EE-ME 75 Winter 2016 Midterm Review

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G. Blanquart, R. Murray Issued: 2 Feb 2016, 8 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Winter 2016 Due: 11 Feb 2016, 7 pm

The midterm review for CS/EE/ME 75 will consist of a poster session to be held on TBD in TBD. At the poster session, all crews should prepare the following items:

  1. [20 points] Poster describing your work for the first half of the term. This poster should include the following information
    • The names of the individuals who are members of the crew
    • The components that the crew is responsible for designing/prototyping
    • Information describing the current state of the design, including (as appropriate) mass, volume, cost and performance specifications
    • A description of any technical risks in implementation of the component for the purposes of the competition
    • A list of milestones that your crew will accomplish by the end of the quarter, including the current assessment of "completability" of those milestones (via stoplights, with legend)

    Additional notes:

    • All students must participate in discussions regarding the component and identify themselves to reviewers, who will be keeping track of who they talked to
    • The project and technical leads should prepare a poster that gives an overview of the overall Caltech Racing project and the current status and timeline for the project, including an evaluation of current status regarding FSAE requirements (using stoplight colors).
    • Division leads should prepare a poster giving an overview of their division that includes a diagram showing the relationships of the various components that are the responsibility of the division. This poster should be designed to serve as an introduction to the division for reviewers who will subsequently review individual components. An risk assessment of the various components that are the responsibility of the division should be included (using stoplight colors).
  2. [10 points] Each crew should also have a "prototype" of the components they are responsible for designing available at their station. Acceptable prototypes can include:
    • A physical component
    • A software demonstration
    • A photo album of activities or facilities

    Project, technical and division leads are not required to complete this problem.

    Notes to TAs: please add to this list so that it is relevant to every crew.

  3. [10 points] Each crew should have documentation of their design on an appropriate Confluence page, consistent with the information presented at the review. The TAs will review this information immediately following the review. Project, technical and division leads are not required to complete this problem.
  4. [10 points] Each individual should create a page in their private space titled "Midterm review, Winter 2016" in which they list the following information
    • A link to the confluence page(s) for the component(s) the contributed to this quarter
    • A short summary of the specific activities you participated in toward the analysis or design of the components
    • A list of any additional activities (training sessions, demonstrations, conventions/shows) that you participated in this term.

    Project, technical and division leads are not required to complete this problem (their participation in the design will be evaluated based on participation in IPT activities).

The instructors and external reviewers will fill out a form for each poster they visit. The form will ask them to provide the following information:

  • Name of the crew
  • Name of students that described the work
  • Organization and clarity of the poster
  • Clarity of the description of the verbal description of the technical work
  • Quality of the design, based on the information on the current state of the prototype (question 2)

This information will be used to determine the score for questions 1 and 2. The TAs will determine the score for questions 3 and 4.