CS-EE-ME 75 Fall 2015 Homework 2

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A. Emami, G. Blanquart, R. Murray Issued: 5 Oct 2015, 8 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Fall 2015 Due: 11 Oct 205, 8 pm
WARNING: This problem set is still being developed. Do not start on these problems until this banner is removed
  1. [20 points] Working with your group, create a GOTChA chart for your activities this term, using the template shown on the [1]. Your GOTChA chart must include:
    • A list of the specific competitions in which your subsystem plays a role (under goals)
    • Specific objectives that you will accomplish by each of the Fall 2015 project deadlines
    • A list of other groups that you need to interact with to complete your design (under technical challenges)
    • A description of how the group will manage and coordinate its activities (under approach)
  2. [10 points] Working with others in your crew, create/modify a Confluence page for the specific subsystem(s) you are working on. Make sure your profile page links to the subsystem you are working on, the subsystem page includes links to profile page, and your group page links to the proper subsystem page.
  3. [10 points] In your personal space on Confluence, create a page titled "Homework #2" that has links to the group GOTChA chart, the subsystems you are working on (with links), and a short description of the specific activities that you are responsible for within your group/crew.
  4. [10 points] If you are working on a supporting group, create a Confluence page for the supporting team, listing all of the members of the team and links to the appropriate pages.