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Workshop To-Do List

  1. Dates: 22nd March (Wednesday) Full day, 23rd March (Thursday) Half Day
  2. Venue: Beckman Institute Auditorium
    • Food not allowed inside; water is. Need somebody to take out the trash from the auditorium both days, if people do leave water bottles inside.
    • Need extra trash cans/ bags placed outside?
    • WE ARE TAKING POWER STRIPS FROM STEELE: Enough power points for lap-tops?
  3. Food:
    • Continental on both mornings
    • Boxed Lunches on Wednesday
    • Dinner on Wednesday
    • Coffee and soda at 3:30 on Wednesday
    • Water throughout the day on both days
  4. Tables and chairs
    • Need two for check-in (badges and money collection) (Where?)
    • 1-2 for water, coffee and soda (inside the building?)
    • Some for lunch (in the courtyard?)
    • Some for dinner (at a different location)
  5. Name Tag preparation
    • DONE :) Design should have Caltech and CMI logos. See the template
    • After people start registering, we can make these a day or two before the workshop
    • We will also print-out of the map with BIA, parking location and dinner location marked; also instructions about wireless account.
  6. Speaker Reimbursement
    • We should have a self-addressed stamped envelope ready for speakers at the time of check-in that they can send receipts in.
    • List of speakers is on the main-page.
  7. Audio-Visual
    • DONE: Check using our lap-top whether projector is working in BIA. If yes, we will not need to rent screen or projector.
    • Power strips for lap-tops.
    • DONE: We need an old-fashioned transparency projector for at least one presenter

Action List

  1. Estimate of number of people: Vijay and Cedric
  2. Wireless account set-up: Vijay
  3. Budget estimate: Vijay, Cedric and Gloria
  4. Dinner location: Gloria, Cedric and Vijay
  5. Projector and screen testing in BIA: Cedric

People who have registered

  1. Jason Marden, UCLA
  2. Georgios Chasparis, UCLA
  3. Gurdal Arslan, University of Hawaii
  4. Ashkan Zeinalzadeh, University of Hawaii,>
  5. Ling Shi, Caltech,
  6. Steven Low, Caltech,
  7. Timothy Chung, Caltech,
  8. Maryam Fazel, Caltech,
  9. Joel Burdick, Caltech,
  10. Kjerstin Williams, Caltech,
  11. Peter Trautman, Caltech,
  12. Lance Cai, Caltech,
  13. William Dunbar, University of California Santa Cruz,
  14. Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Caltech,
  15. Steven Waslander, Stanford,
  16. Ao Tang, Caltech,
  17. Stefano Di Cairano, University of Siena,
  18. Jaksa Cvitanic, Caltech,
  19. Michael Wolf, Caltech,
  20. Sean Crockett, Caltech,
  21. Jeremy Ma, Caltech,
  22. Kevin Ko, Caltech,
  23. Ibrahim Al-Shyoukh, UCLA,
  24. Vincent Seah, UCLA,
  25. James Riehl, UC Santa Barbara,
  26. Michael Epstein, Caltech,
  27. Shuya Yin, UC Irvine,
  28. Jose Sotelo, UCSB,
  29. David wei, Caltech,
  30. Ahmad Fattahi, UCLA,
  31. Mihaela van der Schaar, UCLA,
  32. Dennice Gayme, Caltech,
  33. Neda Bagheri, UCSB,
  34. Zhipu Jin, Caltech,
  35. Herman Versteeg, UC Irvine,
  36. Amit Bhatia, UCLA,
  37. Carmeliza Navasca, UCLA,
  38. Nasim Mirnateghi, UCSB,
  39. Hua Liu, USC,
  40. Viktor Rozgic, USC,
  41. Christophe Lamon, USC,
  42. Claudia Manuelli, USC,
  43. Lin Xiao, Caltech,
  44. Jean-Charles Delvenne, Caltech,
  45. Cheng-Zhong Qin, UCSB,
  46. Jong-Ho Shin, USC,
  47. Lun Li, Caltech,
  48. Henrik Sandberg, Caltech,
  49. Ichiro Obara, UCLA,
  50. Emilio Frazzoli, UCLA,
  51. Lucia Pallottino, UCLA
  52. Tudor Stoenescu, Caltech,
  53. Debrah Meloso, Caltech,
  54. Lijun Chen, Caltech,
  55. Gentian Buzi, Caltech
  56. Leonard Schulman, Caltech,
  57. Tamas Keviczky, Caltech,
  58. Nolan Core,
  59. Richard Mason, RAND corporation,
  60. Alessandro Arsie, UCLA,