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Workshop To-Do List

  1. Dates: 22nd March (Wednesday) Full day, 23rd March (Thursday) Half Day
  2. Venue: Beckman Institute Auditorium
    • Food not allowed inside; water is. Need somebody to take out the trash from the auditorium both days, if people do leave water bottles inside.
    • Need extra trash cans/ bags placed outside?
    • WE ARE TAKING POWER STRIPS FROM STEELE: Enough power points for lap-tops?
  3. Food:
    • Continental on both mornings
    • Boxed Lunches on Wednesday
    • Dinner on Wednesday
    • Coffee and soda at 3:30 on Wednesday
    • Water throughout the day on both days
  4. Tables and chairs
    • Need two for check-in (badges and money collection) (Where?)
    • 1-2 for water, coffee and soda (inside the building?)
    • Some for lunch (in the courtyard?)
    • Some for dinner (at a different location)
  5. Name Tag preparation
    • DONE :) Design should have Caltech and CMI logos. See the template
    • After people start registering, we can make these a day or two before the workshop
    • We will also print-out of the map with BIA, parking location and dinner location marked; also instructions about wireless account.
  6. Speaker Reimbursement
    • We should have a self-addressed stamped envelope ready for speakers at the time of check-in that they can send receipts in.
    • List of speakers is on the main-page.
  7. Audio-Visual
    • DONE: Check using our lap-top whether projector is working in BIA. If yes, we will not need to rent screen or projector.
    • Power strips for lap-tops.
    • DONE: We need an old-fashioned transparency projector for at least one presenter

Action List

  1. Estimate of number of people: Vijay and Cedric
  2. Wireless account set-up: Vijay
  3. Budget estimate: Vijay, Cedric and Gloria
  4. Dinner location: Gloria, Cedric and Vijay
  5. Projector and screen testing in BIA: Cedric

People who have registered

  1. Jason Marden, UCLA jrmarden@yahoo.com
  2. Georgios Chasparis, UCLA gchas@seas.ucla.edu
  3. Gurdal Arslan, University of Hawaii gurdal@hawaii.edu
  4. Ashkan Zeinalzadeh, University of Hawaii, ashkan@hawaii.edu>
  5. Ling Shi, Caltech, imshiling2@gmail.com
  6. Steven Low, Caltech, slow@caltech.edu
  7. Timothy Chung, Caltech, timothyc@caltech.edu
  8. Maryam Fazel, Caltech, maryam@cds.caltech.edu
  9. Joel Burdick, Caltech, jwb@robotics.caltech.edu
  10. Kjerstin Williams, Caltech, kjerstinwilliams@gmail.com
  11. Peter Trautman, Caltech, trautman@cds.caltech.edu
  12. Lance Cai, Caltech, lancecai@caltech.edu
  13. William Dunbar, University of California Santa Cruz, dunbar@soe.ucsc.edu
  14. Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Caltech, tw68@caltech.edu
  15. Steven Waslander, Stanford, stevenw@stanford.edu
  16. Ao Tang, Caltech, aotang@its.caltech.edu
  17. Stefano Di Cairano, University of Siena, dicairano@dii.unisi.it
  18. Jaksa Cvitanic, Caltech, cvitanic@hss.caltech.edu
  19. Michael Wolf, Caltech, wolf@caltech.edu
  20. Sean Crockett, Caltech, scrockett@ist.caltech.edu
  21. Jeremy Ma, Caltech, jeremy.ma@gmail.com
  22. Kevin Ko, Caltech, kokevin@gmail.com
  23. Ibrahim Al-Shyoukh, UCLA, shyoukh@ucla.edu
  24. Vincent Seah, UCLA, vpwseah@ucla.edu
  25. James Riehl, UC Santa Barbara, jriehl@ece.ucsb.edu
  26. Michael Epstein, Caltech, epstein@caltech.edu
  27. Shuya Yin, UC Irvine, syin@merage.uci.edu
  28. Jose Sotelo, UCSB, sotelojose@hotmail.com
  29. David wei, Caltech, weixl@cs.caltech.edu
  30. Ahmad Fattahi, UCLA, ahmad@ee.ucla.edu
  31. Mihaela van der Schaar, UCLA, mihaela@ee.ucla.edu
  32. Dennice Gayme, Caltech, dennice@caltech.edu
  33. Neda Bagheri, UCSB, qt@ece.ucsb.edu
  34. Zhipu Jin, Caltech, zhipu.jin@gmail.com
  35. Herman Versteeg, UC Irvine, hversteeg04@merage.uci.edu
  36. Amit Bhatia, UCLA, abhatia@ucla.edu
  37. Carmeliza Navasca, UCLA, navasca@math.ucla.edu
  38. Nasim Mirnateghi, UCSB, nasim@ece.ucsb.edu
  39. Hua Liu, USC, hual@usc.edu
  40. Viktor Rozgic, USC, rozgic@usc.edu
  41. Christophe Lamon, USC, lamon@usc.edu
  42. Claudia Manuelli, USC, manuelli@usc.edu
  43. Lin Xiao, Caltech, lxiao@ist.caltech.edu
  44. Jean-Charles Delvenne, Caltech, delvenne@ist.caltech.edu
  45. Cheng-Zhong Qin, UCSB, qin@econ.ucsb.edu
  46. Jong-Ho Shin, USC, jonghosh@usc.edu
  47. Lun Li, Caltech, lun@cds.caltech.edu
  48. Henrik Sandberg, Caltech, henriks@cds.caltech.edu
  49. Ichiro Obara, UCLA, iobara@ssc.ucla.edu
  50. Emilio Frazzoli, UCLA, frazzoli@ucla.edu
  51. Lucia Pallottino, UCLA
  52. Tudor Stoenescu, Caltech, tudor@ist.caltech.edu
  53. Debrah Meloso, Caltech, debrah@its.caltech.edu
  54. Lijun Chen, Caltech, chen@cds.caltech.edu
  55. Gentian Buzi, Caltech
  56. Leonard Schulman, Caltech, schulman@caltech.edu
  57. Tamas Keviczky, Caltech, keviczky@aem.umn.edu
  58. Nolan Core, nwonknu88@yahoo.com
  59. Richard Mason, RAND corporation, mason@robotics.caltech.edu
  60. Alessandro Arsie, UCLA, arsie@ucla.edu