CDS 90 2021-22

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First Term: Work during the first term should be directed to finding a focused research topic and performing an preparatory work required to carry out the thesis (background reading, construction of any required experimental apparatus, etc).

  • End of the first week of class: arrange for a short meeting with the CDS 90 instructor to talk about the course and how it works.
  • No later than add day: identify a thesis advisor and agree on your proposed senior thesis project.
  • Midterm: Each student must submit a short summary (one page, typed) of the proposed thesis project, and the name of the supervisor.
  • Final: There will be a meeting of all thesis students and advisors during finals week, at which each student will give a 10-15 presentation on their work, including a description of the work to be completed for their thesis.

Second term: The bulk of the research work should occur during second term. By the end of this term, the basic results of the thesis should be complete.

  • Midterm: Each student will submit to the course instructor a 4-5 page document serving as a first draft of the introduction to the thesis; this should include a few references as well.
  • Finals: There will be another general meeting for short oral reports. A two to five page document summarizing the main results achieved to date is due at the time of the oral report.

Third term: The third term is intended to be spent primarily on writing (and rewriting) the thesis.

  • Midterm: A completed first draft of the thesis is due.
  • Final: The final draft of the thesis is due at 5 pm the last day of finals. Each thesis will be read and graded by the supervisor and one other member of the faculty.