CDS 140a Winter 2011 Homework 7

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Do not start working on the problems listed here until this banner is removed.

R. Murray, G. Buzi Issued: 15 Feb 2011
ACM 101/AM 125a/CDS 140a, Winter 2011 Due: 24 Feb 2011

Note: In the upper left hand corner of the second page of your homework set, please put the number of hours that you spent on this homework set (including reading).

  1. Perko, Section 3.2, Exercise 5, parts a, c, e. Be sure to identify the orbit and the limit set
  2. Perko, Section 3.3, Exercise 8
  3. Perko, Section 3.4, Exercise 1
  4. Perko, Section 3.5, Exercise 1
  5. Perko, Section 3.5, Exercise 5
  6. Perko, Section 3.9, Exercise 4a