CDS 101/110a, Fall 2006 - Course Project

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The following projects can be done as a course project for CDS 101/110. Projects marked as "DGC" are appropriate for use as a project in CS/EE/ME 75.

  • Lateral control in reverse (DGC) - Design a controller that matains the lateral position of the vehicle when it is moving backwards. This requires a rederivation of the dynamics of the vehicle that model the motion when moving backwards. Some system identification work may also be required to verify the model.
  • Lane following (DGC) - Design a controller that uses information about the right and left lane boundaries to remain centered in the middle of the lane. The location of the left and right lane boundaries will eventually be given by a vision system, but for the course project simulated lane boundaries will be used.
  • Stopping at a line (DGC) - Design a controller that brings the vehicle to a stop within 1 meter of a stop line painted on the ground. The location of the stop line will be a combination of GPS data (when far from the stop line) and vision-based data (when near the stop line).
  • Looking down a road (DGC) - Design a pointing system that can point a camera down a road to the left or right of a vehicle. The location of the road must be determined based on visual data (could be combined with a EE/CNS 148 project).
  • Reactive obstacle avoidance (DGC) - Design a controller that uses direct information from a laser range finder (LADAR) to bring the vehicle to a stop and/or swerve to avoid a "pop-up" obstacle.