CDS 101/110 - State Feedback

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WARNING: This page is for a previous year.
See current course homepage to find most recent page available.
CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM06 (errata)


Monday: Reachability and State Feedback (Slides, MP3)

This lecture introduces the concept of reachability and explores the use of state space feedback for control of linear systems. Reachability is defined as the ability to move the system from one condition to another over finite time. The reachability matrix test is given to check if a linear system is reachable, and the test is applied to several examples. The concept of (linear) state space feedback is introduced and the ability to place eigenvalues of the closed loop system arbitrarily is related to reachability. A cart and pendulum system and the predator prey problem are used as examples.

Wednesday: State Feedback Design (Notes, MP3)

This lecture will describe how to design state feedback controllers via eigenvalue placement. The performance of the system as a function of the placement of the closed loop eigenvalues will be described. The use of integral action and a brief introduction to LQR control will also be given.

Friday: Midterm review


Monday Wednesday (CDS 110)
  • Midterm: available in class or outside 102 Steele




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