CDS 101/110 - PID Control

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WARNING: This page is for a previous year.
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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM06 (errata)


Monday: PID Overview (Slides, MP3)

This lecture covers the basic tools in frequency domain control design using proportional + integral + derivative (PID) control. After reviewing the role of the controller on the loop shape and the relationship between the gain and the phase, we introduce PID control and illustrate its use to design a speed controller that satisfies a given set of performance specifications.

Wednesday: PID Analysis (Notes, MP3)

This lecture provides more details on the use of PID control, including the representation of PID controllers in state space. The problems of windup and saturation are also discussed.

Friday: PID Design (Notes, MP3)

This lecture provides additional tools for PID control design, including Ziegler-Nichols turning and root locus plots for choosing the loop gain. An example system is worked out in detail, using MATLAB.


Monday Wednesday (CDS 110) Friday
  • Lecture notes



This homework set provides practice in specification and design of control systems in the frequency domain using PID control. The first two problems work through examples similar to the ones used in lecture. The third problem, for CDS 110 students, explores the use of PID control to give a desired level of performance for a simplified balance system.

  • Homework #7
  • Useful MATLAB commands
    • sisotool - display standard linear system plots on a single screen
    • feedback - generate a closed loop system from a loop transfer function


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