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Quick start Manual:

1. Plug in a fresh battery into the bottom of a Steelebot. The batteries are in the lowest level of the shelf.

2. Turn on the red switch on the back side. The reboot processing will take about 2~3 minutes. Please put the Steelebot close to the wireless router to make sure the wireless card can be initialized correctly.

3. Log in the Steelebot by ssh, or copy files by scp. The IP address of each Steelebot is The username and passwd are "steelebot" for steelebots #1-#8. The username and passwd for steelebots #13 is "rob3".

4. For the Roboflag game, run the command "run RFController hat#".

5. When you finish using, shut down the Steelebot by command "run /sbin/halt", then turn off the switch.

6. There are some simple test programs. "run stepmap" will genereate a calibration file "" which will be used by RFController. "run kdrive" will let you drive steelebot manually.

For more details, please contract Domitilla Del Vecchio at