2007 Urban Challenge Summer Kickoff Meeting

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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

102 Steele, 4 pm

The purpose of the kickoff meeting will be to describe what we hope to get accomplished during the summer and get people who have some time available signed up to help out. More information on Caltech's participation in the 2007 Urban Challenge is available on the information session page and the Team Caltech wiki (restricted access).

Rough Agenda

4:00   Overview of the 2007 Urban Challenge
4:15   Summary of Team Caltech activities for summer 2006
4:30   Breakout into teams; plan for next meeting
4:55   Questions and discussion

Summer Teams

The activity over the summer will be broken up into a small number of teams that will explore different technology areas and make recommendations for what should be included in our race systems. The team areas have not yet been formalized, but are expected to include:

  • Sensing hardware - what types of sensing should we use to obtain information about our environment?
  • Decision making frameworks - how should the higher levels of decision making be implemented? What existing technologies should we evaluate and what software exists that we can build on?
  • Detection and tracking of moving obstacles - how do we determine what objects in our sensed environment are moving obstacles and how might we best track (and predict) their motion
  • Simulation environments - how can we best build a set of simulation environments that allow us to test our software and algorithms in an effective manner?