Synthetic Cell, Summer 2020

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Name Start Date Location Subsystem Mentor, co-mentor Project (roughly)
Agrima D 11 May IIT Delhi input/export, chassis Richard, David, Manisha DNA export and liposome merging
Albert A 15 Jun Lund input/export Richard ,? Distributed metabolic pathways
Ankita R 15 Jun Caltech energy Richard, ? ATP regeneration (metabolism)
Ayush B 11 May IIT Delhi sensing Richard, Shaunak Sen Temperature dependent circuits
Christian Z 15 Jun? Caltech design tools Richard, William CelloCAD, logic circuits
Jeremiah S 15 Jun? CSUN decision-making Richard, Melissa T Genelet circuits
Nazmus S 15 Jun Oxford TBD Richard, ? Genelet logic gates
Peter B 15 Jun U. South Carolina regulation Richard, Manisha [compensation of synthetic circuits]