Model-Based Design and Qualification of Complex Systems

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This is a joint project with John Doyle, funded by Boeing. This page primarily describes the work done in Richard Murray's group.

Current participants: Past participants:
  • Lars Cremean (PhD, Aerovironment)
  • Dimitry Kogan (MS)


The broad goal of this project is to develop new theory, algorithms and demonstrations of model-based design strategies for complex systems. This activity is broken up into three broad themes:

  • Robust Yet Fragile Behavior: Study the robust-yet-fragile (RYF) nature of complex systems, and specifically to identify the common structures contributing to the RYF behavior, and develop both simple explanatory and detailed predictive models with associated analysis tools.

  • Multi-scale Modeling: Systems modeling theory and practice with emphasis on multi-resolution modeling, and managing multiple distinct product representations that must be mapped to each other.

  • Engineering Implementation: Apply analysis and methods in robust-yet-fragile behavior and multi-scale modeling to specific engineering systems of systems that will provide an evaluation of the efficacy of both the framework and the tools toward applications. Two specific testbeds are being used for this purpose: the Caltech multi-vehicle wireless testbed (MVWT) and the Caltech autonomous vehicle testbed (``Alice).