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Question 1a) To find Hyr which is the transfer function between the input r and the output y, you need to write down equations that involve r and y by using the block diagram. You need to determine what the ratio y/r equals to. The block diagram does not label all signals, as this is not necessary. However, feel free to label signals that are not labeled if this helps you to write down the equations. Be careful of the direction of the arrows and the signs in the summation junctions. You could start by writing y = ...

Question 1b) To find the transfer function given a state-space realization, you can use the formula for conversion from ss to tf: H(s) = C[(sI - A)^-1]*B + D.
Question 1c)  To find Hzr, we need to determine what the ratio z/r equals to. You could start by writing z = ...
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[[Category: CDS 101/110 FAQ - Homework 5, Fall 2007]]

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