Group Schedule, Spring 2019

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This page contains information about various upcoming events that are of interest to the group.

The schedule for group and subgroup meetings is given below. Contact Richard if you need to change the schedule. Unless otherwise noted, biocircuits meetings are in 111 Keck and NCS meetings are in 243 Annenberg.

Week 1:1-5 Apr

Biocircuits: Tue, 9a-11a

Week 2: 8-12 Apr

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p, STL 114

  • William Poole
  • John McManus

NCS: Wed Thu, 3:30-5p

  • Petter Nilsson

Week 3: 15-19 Apr

Biocircuits: Tue, 11a-1p

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p 1:45p-3p

  • Karena Cai

Week 4: 22-26 Apr

Biocircuits: Tue, 11a-1p

  • Zoila Jurado
  • Elin Larsson

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p 1:45p-3p

  • Richard Cheng

Week 5: 29 Apr - 3 May

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p 1:45p-3p

  • Tung Phan
  • Note: will probably shift to 1:45p-3p

Week 6: 6-10 May

Biocircuits: Mon, 9a-11a

  • Rory Williams
  • Chelsea Hu

NCS: Mon 4:30-6p

  • Reza Ahmadi

Week 7: 13-17 May

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p

Week 8: 20-24 May

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p

  • Mia Austria
  • Michael Nguyen
  • TBD

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p Tue, 4p-5:30p

  • Yuxiao Chen

Week 9: 27-31 May

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p Wed, 12p-1:45p

  • TBD
  • Meeting may be cancelled

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p1:45p-3p

  • Kellan Moorse
  • Apurva Badithela

Week 10: 3-7 Jun

Biocircuits: Wed, 1p-3p

NCS: Wed, 3:45p-5p

  • Ellen?

Week 11: 10-14 Jun

Biocircuits: Tue, 10a-12p Mon 10a-12p

  • Liana Merck
  • Andy Halleran

NCS: Wed, 3:30-5p

  • Jiaqi Yan